Melvin Gordon: Best RB Prospect Since Barry Sanders?

image via flickr/phil roeder

image via flickr/phil roeder

Melvin Gordon is the best RB prospect since Barry Sanders. If that’s your affirmative thesis, the negative is pretty easy. You only need to understand that the utterly dominant Kentucky basketball program is just 34 percent to win the NCAA tournament to know you should always take the field. Of course, this is a slightly different type of question. But the negative remains pretty easy. Most pundits don’t even believe Gordon is the best prospect this year. That designation goes to Todd Gurley. In fact, the updated RB Prospect Rankings put Gordon in a tie for third with David Cobb. His score of 66 isn’t elite by any stretch. If we have plenty of negative signs on Gordon, and most scouts also seem very skeptical of his superficially amazing 2014 season, then what is the argument in his favor?

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By Shawn Siegele | @ff_contrarian | Archive