Devante Parker Versus the World

devanteparker A few weeks ago, I put together a look at Amari Cooper versus the top prospects of the last 10 years. While you often read that Cooper isn’t in the same range as Top 10 prospects from the recent past, he actually looked superior to most of the big names. Devante Parker is another prospect who’s been getting lost a little in the Kevin White enthusiasm. Might Parker also be a candidate to quickly join the top tier of dynasty receivers?1

  1. A quick note on methodology. My research suggests you will be very accurate in gauging the likelihood of prospect’s NFL success if you only know three items: final season Dominator Rating, breakout age, and Freak Score. You can be slightly more accurate if you take a more granular approach to age-adjusted production and perhaps gain a little from peeking at the explosion measures. Beyond that, you quickly get less accurate by taking a wide variety of stylistic information into your evaluation There’s plenty of evidence beyond football to suggest this is the case, but I make that point simply to explain my approach, not with the intention of converting others. I wouldn’t want all analysts to use the same approach, and the natural competition of ideas creates a more constructive environment than would exist if we all approached this project in exactly the same way.  (back)

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By Shawn Siegele | @ff_contrarian | Archive