Updated: Who Do the High Volume MFL10 Owners Like?

Marshawn Lynch This is an update I’ll be trying to provide on a regular basis. For initial discussion on why I’m doing this you can see the first article. The table below is an aggregated list of total shares owned by MFL10 franchise owners that I qualified as high volume. The list is most useful for looking at each player/pick and trying to think about why a high volume MFL10 owner¬†might be interested in that particular player. For what it’s worth, I think this is useful information but I also wouldn’t ascribe any infallibility to these high volume MFL10 owners. I personally think Marshawn Lynch at 16th overall is playing with fire at this point in the offseason. I do like Andre Johnson a lot at 93 overall. I also like CJ Spiller at 68 overall, and Calvin Johnson at 15 overall. In fact, Johnson provides a nice contrast for Lynch. Even though RBs are more valuable in this format, they’re only valuable if you know they’ll be on the field. You know Calvin Johnson will be on the field in 2015.

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