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How Old is Too Old? Calvin Johnson and the Significance of Age in Overall Production

LeVeon Bell If you’ve been paying attention to the fantasy football and NFL draft chatter on twitter, you probably have gathered that player age is going to be the hot button, similar to WR size a year ago.
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Unlike the size debate, there’s a fairly firm understanding that even the best NFL players see their production decline over time. The game is visceral and taxing physically. Similar to your vehicle, no matter how well you take care it, eventually it will break down. The other component to age that is unlike the size discussion, the NFL is keen on this as well. Being keen on this idea likely has more to do with the process of eliminating older players (like cars) that are likely to break down, but older skill players simply make up a small portion of rostered players in the league.

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By Rich Hribar | @lordreebs | Archive