The RotoViz Scouting Index – The Most Coveted Prospects for Fantasy Football



Welcome to the first edition of the 2015 Rotoviz Scouting Index. The RSI will attempt to give a snapshot of what the NFL media draft community is thinking about prospects going into the NFL Draft. The positional tables are below, so if you want you can just skip to the rankings. But first it might be valuable to know why we’ve made this index. It starts with a simple theory that a dedicated group of football buffs, whose rankings are combined into an index, could potentially outpredict NFL draft position as an indicator of prospect talent. It’s just a theory. We haven’t backtested it although we are interested enough in the idea that we’ll probably start looking for the old data in order to do just that. But why do we think that a dedicated group of media scouts could outperform draft position as an indicator of prospect talent? First, they’d  wisdom of the crowds on their side. Right now our index only contains four unique sets of rankings but we hope to grow that number as more media scouts release their rankings. Second, they wouldn’t have team need or scheme fit dragging them down. NFL teams draft for scheme fit, then fire their coaches in a couple of years, and leave players to rot because they don’t fit the new scheme. Third, there’s probably reason to expect that media scouts could be on par in quality with the evaluators actually working for teams. In fact some media scouts have gone from media, to team, back to media again. There’s one area where the media scouts are at a disadvantage and that’s because they can’t hand out playing time.  NFL franchises can do things like give rookie running backs starting jobs without a competition, or stick with a struggling QB when many less biased observers would have moved on. The media scouts can’t do that. Once their opinion is given they don’t have any control over future events. Now that you know the theory behind what we’re doing, let’s get to the rankings.

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By Kyle Pollock | @KylePollockFF | Archive