The Workhorse Metric, Damien Williams, and 11 Other Sleeper Workhorse RBs for 2015 (Part 2)

damienwilliams With the 2015 NFL Combine starting and everyone looking eagerly at the incoming rookies, I want to take a slightly different approach and instead focus on the 12 veteran fantasy running back sleepers whom I believe have a chance of becoming solid contributors this upcoming season. Some of these players I and others at RotoViz have written about previously, but when it comes to talking about guys who could be to 2015 what C.J. Anderson was to 2014 we really can’t talk too much.1
  1. Of course, this comment comes from the guy who ([in]famously) overwrites, so . . .  (back)

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By Matthew Freedman | @MattFtheOracle | Archive