Breshad Perriman: The Discount Kevin White?

Image via flickr/troy_figgins

Image via flickr/troy_figgins

As enthusiasm for the NFL Draft builds, rumors abound of new players who might work themselves into the first round mix. While Devin Smith and Phillip Dorsett are the types of risers who get coaches and GMs fired, one of the new names is pretty interesting. You were probably surprised and a little skeptical when you heard talk this week about Breshad Perriman going as early as No. 15 to the 49ers. I originally had Perriman going at 3.03 in my recent dynasty rookie mock based on good size and a strong comp list from the Box Score Scout, but that was before I realized Breshad is the son of Brett. Perhaps my all-time favorite NFL team growing up was the 1995 Detroit Lions squad that started 3-6 before rattling off seven straight and making the playoffs behind Scott Mitchell, Barry Sanders, Herman Moore, Brett Perriman, and Johnnie Morton. If we could only bring back Wayne Fontes and deploy a little run-n-shoot with these current Lions, maybe Calvin Johnson would get at least one playoff victory before he retired. Now with a strong emotional connection established, I went in search of evidence to support my preferred viewpoint. Because that’s how you’re supposed to do it, right?

Breshad Perriman vs Kevin White vs Jaelen Strong

If Perriman ends up in the first round, he’ll be competing with Jaelen Strong and perhaps Kevin White. All three receivers are roughly similar in size, although Perriman and Strong are expected to have a slight edge in height. Perriman is a few months older than Strong and a little more than a year younger than White. How do the three measure up in terms of production?

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By Shawn Siegele | @ff_contrarian | Archive