Amari Cooper Versus the World

Recently, Jon Moore offered several compelling visualizations to help explain the intersection between production and age. In separate research, I’ve found age-adjusted production to be easily the best predictor of NFL success. The new Box Score Scout offers a variety of different ways to look at this for yourself. I thought I would do such an experiment with Amari Cooper. Cooper is an intriguing prospect because he has tremendous raw production but also sports extremely strong age-adjusted market share production. Many scouts are concerned that he doesn’t create his production by winning contested balls in the air, but I’ve found no evidence that certain receiver “styles” translate better than others to the NFL. Production and size/athleticism translate. Regardless, I think Cooper should be evaluated based on qualities that are intrinsic to his own play (production) as opposed to qualities which are extrinsic to him (whatever label the scout wants to give his lack of highlights). We often hear that Cooper is going to go in the Top 10 this season, but he’s not the equal of previous Top 10 picks. Is this accurate? We’ll leave questions about size and athleticism until after the Combine. How does Cooper match up on production? We examine in Amari Cooper versus the World.

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By Shawn Siegele | @ff_contrarian | Archive