The Mysterious Vanishing of Michael Floyd, Justin Hunter & Rueben Randle


The Leftovers show takes place three years after a large number of people mysteriously vanished in what has come to be known as the “Sudden Departure.” The event caused the unexplainable disappearance of 140 million people, 2-percent of the world’s population. Neither scientists, nor government officials, have been able to explain it. The plot focuses on how the remaining 98-percent of the population attempts to cope with a tragedy of this magnitude (Spoiler Alert: some characters act out with violence), while weaving in subtle supernatural elements alluding to larger forces at work. I have identified with the Leftovers’ like no other show. I, too, am coping with, and investigating, a mysterious disappearance. Michael Floyd, Justin Hunter, and Rueben Randle represent 2-percent of the active NFL wide receiver population, and government experts have no answers. Chilling. This is most challenging case to ever come across my desk. To solve a crime/mystery/tragedy of this magnitude, my modus operandi of simply visiting, where so many answers may be found, was not enough. In order to truly understand what happened, as well as provide a scarred and scared fantasy football community with some closure and a way forward, I also needed to summon resources from a neighboring precinct. This case required the collective resources of both Player Profiler and RotoViz. Let’s examine each case individually.

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By Matt Kelley | @rotounderworld | Archive