RB Snap Chat Week 5 Update: DeMarco Murray, Risers and Fallers

Another look at the ongoing saga of running back productivity vis-a-vis snaps played. The methodology is laid out in the original article, but this week I’m adding a twist. Normally these charts display a player’s fantasy points on the Y-axis and their snap percentage on the X-axis. I did that so that players on low or high volume offenses wouldn’t be punished for either a paltry or excessive number of snaps. Sounds good. But a reader last week pointed out that there’s still value in knowing the raw snap count; many RBs play a similar number, and it’s helpful to know who is more or less efficient with a similar workload. So, bubbles. On this week’s chart, the size of the bubble corresponds to the player’s raw snap count. Bigger bubble, more snaps. Mostly they look to be of a similar size, but I included a table at the end of the post with the actual data for your perusal. Let’s dig in.

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By James Todd | @spidr2ybanana | Archive