The Backfield Report (2014): Week 5, Eddie Lacy, Matt Forte, and the Sank Bank

mattasiata Josh Klein is a senior writer at He has also written about fantasy football for Grantland and The Daily Dot. He is getting married in less than 2 weeks and is woefully underprepared.  Hello RotoViz! If you enjoy great fantasy analysis and insight, you are in the right place! I totally didn’t get super drunk watching the Panthers beat the Bears and rack up a $600 bar bill on the final day of my bachelor party, I was taking a lot of notes and getting ready to write a professional piece on the running backs of the NFL. Good thing I’m filling in for the Backfield Report. Before we get started on the team capsules, let me give you some bad news: If you don’t already have two serviceable RBs, start calling yourself Bishop, because you are Sank. If you didn’t like that terrible terrible joke, you might want to slowly back away now, because it’s going to be a long column.

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By Josh Klein | @joshkleinrules | Archive