Our Week 3 Waiver Wire RB Power Rankings

With all of the carnage that’s hit the running back position the first two weeks of the season, RBs are likely going to make up the majority of waiver wire pickups this week. If you’re an owner of Jamaal Charles, Adrian Peterson, Doug Martin, Ryan Mathews, etc., you’re likely going to contribute that trend. With that in mind myself and six other writers combined to rank the popular additions of the week to make any potential waiver wire decisions a little easier.

The process for the composite rankings was simple enough–I merely took the mean average rank for each player. There are a few NAs for “not applicable” in the table. That doesn’t necessarily mean that the ranker would not pick them up under the right circumstances, they just left them unranked. For the purpose of the average I treated those as an eight. You can sort the table below by the composite rank and also by the rankings for the individual rankers.

The Rankers: JW- Justin Winn, MF- Matthew Freedman, VS- Vaughn Stewart, PK- Patrick Kerrane, LC- Lucas Crocker, SS- Shawn Siegele, MK- Michael Kershner, CR- Composite Ranking

Knile Davis11111111
Bobby Rainey42222352
Donald Brown24333423
Khiry Robinson33544244
Matt Asiata65455535
Damien Williams5NA677666
C.J. Anderson86786877
Lorenzo Taliaferro7NA86NA788

The table speaks for itself, but I’m going to share a few quick observations and thoughts anyway.

Knile Davis as the unanimous number one should be no surprise. He was a must-own prior to Charles’ injury.

I’m slightly surprised Bobby Rainey finished at number two overall. Obviously, he had a monster week. But it sounds like Martin is going to play this week, which certainly puts a damper on his potential. I think it’s definitely possible he earns a meaningful committee role, but I don’t think he’ll be able to win the job outright. It’s possible that Martin doesn’t play on Thursday due to the short week, which would be good for Rainey. But it’s also anecdotally believed that Thursday Night Football is poisonous for fantasy football purposes. Atlanta is a highly favorable matchup though, so he could end up putting up a lot of points even if he does just get a part-time role.

I was also a little surprised how close Donald Brown and Khiry Robinson were. If we see them as surrogates for Ryan Mathews and Mark Ingram, you would expect Brown to walk away with it over Robinson. Of course Robinson does have more standalone value than Brown when their respective starters are healthy, so that closes the gap quite a bit. For what it’s worth, I think there’s actually an argument for taking either of these guys over Davis. The guys they’re replacing are both going to miss several weeks, whereas Charles may only miss one. Depending on your situation, it might make more sense to add them over Davis.

I’m not big on Matt Asiata, even though I do expect that at some point Adrian Peterson will be suspended for a significant portion of time. For the time being though, he’s a factor. Asiata posted a strong fantasy line last week, but most of that was the result of a receiving TD that occurred on a broken play. If Asiata sees extended action he’ll likely either be a mediocre weekly option or lose playing time to Jerick McKinnon.

For further thoughts on these guys I’d recommend reading the most recent Waiver Wire Report. For discussion hit the comments section in this article, that article, or our message boards.


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By Justin Winn | @TheHumanHuman | Archive

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