Adrian Peterson, Matt Asiata, and Jerick McKinnon


Perhaps underlining the importance that being connected to Twitter has in fantasy football these days, news broke Friday afternoon that Adrian Peterson has been indicted in Texas on child abuse charges. If you saw the news you were likely able to add backup Matt Asiata or rookie Jerick McKinnon in leagues that offer free add/drops, assuming you beat your league mates to the waiver wire.

After the news broke much discussion followed on Twitter as to whether Asiata or McKinnon makes the best add. We’re big fans of McKinnon’s long term potential but if you paid attention during the preseason you would have to expect that the Vikings will be more likely to trust the veteran early on.

Making the question of which player to add more complicated is that we don’t really know how Peterson’s case will be handled by the NFL now that they have good reason to look for distance from domestic abuse issues. Peterson could be suspended varying amounts of time depending on how the league reacts to an issue that there isn’t universal agreement on – corporal punishment. However, while it’s easy to see public reaction to the case to be divided along cultural lines, I have a tough time seeing the league turning a blind eye to an incident where a four year old was given injuries severe enough for a doctor to report, while in the care of essentially a part time parent.

You’ve likely missed your chances to add Asiata by now, but if you did add him, I think he could be a little more serviceable than some are saying. He’s not athletic at all, but a starting running back is still worth something. However because there is some uncertainty surrounding Peterson’s case, the best move may be to just flip Asiata after Sunday’s game, but before the resolution of Peterson’s case is known.

If you’ve added McKinnon he definitely has a lot of upside but don’t get married to him if he’s not seeing touches.

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