Training Camp Notebook: Arian Foster, Knowshon Moreno, and the Colts TEs


Arian Foster

Still injured. Paging Andre Brown. Brown should be increasingly on your radar.

Knowshown Moreno

Also still injured. Well past his initial return-to-action time table, he’s still reportedly walking with a limp. Lamar Miller is inching closer and closer to that coveted work horse role. He’s a player to target in the mid rounds. Heck, it might even be time to start thinking about Damien Williams.

Andre Williams

Davis Mattek has written the definitive post-Hall of Fame Game Andre Williams article, so I’ll leave the heavy lifting to him. I’ll just point you to this RotoWorld blurb:

He’s going to earn a spot in a committee with Jennings and could score 6-8 TDs.

He’s also been working on his pass catching, and generally impressing in camp.

Dwayne Allen and Coby Fleener

Dwayne Allen recently confirmed speculation that the Colts will use a lot of two tight end sets this year.

me and Coby [Fleener] are the pair that are on the field and we don’t leave the field no matter the situation,” Allen said.

Very interesting. Dwayne Allen is a pretty good tight end, and having him on the field “no matter the situation” looks good for his potential production. And he has a ridiculously cheap acquisition cost. Know who’s even cheaper (as in undrafted at the moment)? Coby Fleener, that’s who. Fleener and Allen have almost identical weight-adjusted agility scores, an important measurable for tight ends, and Fleener has draft pedigree on his side. I get that Fleener has been “disappointing” but is that really the case? Or is it just that Dwayne Allen was a bigger surprise? Fleener certainly hasn’t played at an elite level yet. But his combined stats over his first two seasons aren’t bad. In fact, they’re better than Vernon Davis and Dallas Clark’s. I’m just saying that maybe Fleener has some potential off the waiver wire.

Another angle to consider is what this means for the Colts’ wide receivers. If the Colts are usually in a 2 TE set, then there will only be two receivers on the field. With the Colts reportedly unhappy with Hakeem Nicks, that means T.Y. Hilton and Reggie Wayne are the starters. If Wayne can regain his pre-injury form (granted, he was in decline pre-injury), he might represent a bargain in the 7th round.


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