IDP Is Hard: Spot Value in Scheduling to Win Your League

jjwatt As a ridiculously obsessed Individual Defensive Player (IDP) fantasy baller, I’ve been working on a series of articles so that I could earn a stripe on my RotoViz white belt.  With my research, I’ve stumbled on some nice trends. For those new to IDP, defensive player scoring is whack for the most part. So much of it is based on scheme and opportunity. The talent matters too but there are plenty of examples of players coming out of nowhere to become IDP studs just because of the environment.1 My focus in this column is on opportunity. Due to the effect weekly matchups have on IDP scoring, I figured I might be able to spot an actionable trend and it looks to be the case. Instead of opinion-based IDP rankings with no metrics, I’ve developed schedule-based metrics that will help you dominate your draft, evaluate offseason trades, and no longer play waiver wire catch up.
  1. Denver’s Danny Trevathan comes to mind although I was on him before most as I’ve played in college IDP leagues . . . that’s how I roll.  (back)

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By Eric Braun | @FFPlanetX | Archive