Four Reasons Jordan Cameron is Overvalued–Part 1: the Rookie QB Effect

Last week the RotoViz gang put together a fantastic list of players to avoid at their current ADP.  Well guess what, I got one more for you: Jordan Cameron, your 4th TE going off the board at number 48 overall according to My Fantasy League ADP for drafts since August 1st.  And, just like in high school biology, I’m gonna turn in my assignment a week late and still expect full credit.1  So why do I think Cameron is someone to stay away from as a top 50 pick? Four simple reasons: 1) He has a rookie QB 2) Josh Gordon’s absence may not provide the production boost people expect 3) There will be less passing in Cleveland this year2 4)  There’s plenty of Tight End value available later in the draft.  To make this a little more digestible I’m splitting this up into four parts.   Look for parts 2-4 to drop later this week.
  1. I probably could have finished this one up earlier but I had 2 free periods after lunch so I went to Taco Bell instead.  (back)
  2. well, on the Browns anyway  (back)

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By Patrick Kerrane | @PatKerrane | Archive