Hoarders: Cornering the Market on Breakout Wide Receivers



I finished an auction draft last year with Jordy Nelson, Pierre Garcon, Josh Gordon, and Golden Tate as my primary wide receivers. Sounds good, right? You should have tried telling me that right after I finished that draft. While I recognized those were all good pick ups in theory I had zero confidence that any of them would pan out. I liked Nelson a lot, but he was coming off of a year where he had been hampered due to injury. Garcon was also coming off an injury, as was his quarterback. Gordon was suspended for the first two games and played for the Cleveland Browns. I actually felt most confident about Tate, a talented receiver who was clearly his team’s top receiving option. Of course, you can probably guess how that turned out. Nelson was a beast, right until Aaron Rodgers got injured. Alfred Morris ended up starting for me in the flex instead of Tate. Gordon blew up and Garcon became a PPR monster. Combine that with LeSean McCoy, Jamaal Charles, and Julius Thomas–yeah, the league was mine with minimal effort. At the time, I felt very lucky that my team turned out that well. I still do, but not nearly as much as I used to. That’s because I believe the very reasons I felt so shaky are inextricably linked to why I did so well. Confidence is the enemy.

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By Justin Winn | @TheHumanHuman | Archive

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