4 Reasons Jordan Cameron is Overvalued, Part 4: TE Values for 2014

A few weeks ago I began writing a series about why you should avoid Jordan Cameron at his current ADP, which is 49 according to My Fantasy League drafts since August 1st.  Today I finish with some recommendations on tight ends available later in the draft and my general strategy for Tight Ends this year. To quickly recap my case against Cameron: 1) He has a rookie QB1 2) Josh Gordon’s absence may not provide the production boost people expect 3) The Browns are shifting their offensive tendencies. Thanks to everyone whose read parts 1-3, it’s been a fun one to write and hopefully your Cameron-less teams will dominate in 2014. Now let’s looks at some TEs available later on in the draft that I’m targeting instead of Cameron.  I’ve written plenty of words for this series already, so where possible I’ll link to other RotoViz writers who have already laid out their case.2
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By Patrick Kerrane | @PatKerrane | Archive