4 Reasons Jordan Cameron is Overvalued, Part 3: The Projection Machine

A couple weeks ago the RotoViz crew put together a list of players to avoid at their current ADP.  I participated by writing a four part series on why you should avoid drafting Jordan Cameron because I clearly don’t understand what a blurb is.  To quickly recap, Jordan Cameron is being selected as a top 50 pick in My Fantasy League drafts since August 1st  and I’ve got four reasons why you shouldn’t take the bait.  1) He has a rookie QB 2) Josh Gordon’s absence may not provide the production boost people expect 3) The Browns offense is shifting its offensive tendencies 4) There’s plenty of Tight End value available later in the draft. If you have time, go check out parts 1 & 2, but to quickly recap: Just like with running backs, tight ends don’t see an increase in fantasy scoring when paired with a rookie QB; and, elite TEs have actually performed better in games with an elite WR, so Gordon’s suspension may not provide the value boost that people expect. Now we’re on to part 3, which begins with a scene:  The year is 2019.  It’s a crisp September evening and you’re at your favorite bar for sports trivia night.  Over the PA in a voice that is somehow both too loud and muffled beyond belief you hear the MC read “what NFL team led the 2013 regular season in passing attempts?” The crowd pauses, then you hear the whispers, Peyton Manning, Peyton Manning! The Broncos the Broncos the Broncos!  The drunk guy at the bar yells out “Omaha!”  You look your teammates dead in the eyes and confidently give them the answer, delighting in their puzzled expressions.  Seven of the nine teams turn in “the Denver Broncos”.  The eighth team turns in “the New York Jets”.  Everyone laughs.  Finally your entry is read as the MC nods with approval.  “The Cleveland Browns.”  You nod smugly.

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By Patrick Kerrane | @PatKerrane | Archive