Which Young Tight Ends Have Jimmy Graham-Level Ceilings?



Elite tight ends have always been desirable in fantasy football, but now they’re a full-blown craze. If fantasy players aren’t trying to draft the next Jimmy Graham, they’re trying to get their hands on Graham himself. So how can we find these guys ahead of time? It’s generally accepted that elite fantasy TEs are either freaks of nature or play with elite quarterbacks. The elite QB thing isn’t that helpful though, as QBs often have elite seasons without producing an elite TE option. We’re better off looking for freaks. Fortunately, RotoViz happens to have a Freak Score Calculator. By inputting a weight, height, and 40 time, it gives you a single number that tells you just how freaky a player is. Now, the app was designed with wide receivers in mind. It might be best to consider this a thought exercise since I’m using it to examine TEs. Still, it’s an accurate representation of how athletic a player is. I’m sure Graham himself would agree with me that he should be evaluated in the same way as a WR. Eric Ebron doesn’t even want to be called a TE, so I apologize to him in advance.

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By Justin Winn | @TheHumanHuman | Archive