The Hurt Locker: How Ken Whisenhunt Can Save His Promising Quarterback

AP Photo/Mark Humphrey

AP Photo/Mark Humphrey

Jake Locker has been a topic of some conversation this offseason. In January, Numberfire’s JJ Zachariason wrote about Ken Whisenhunt’s move to the Titans. Zachariason highlighted Coach Whiz’s success with Ben Roethlisberger, Kurt Warner, and Phillip Rivers. The gist: All three quarterbacks performed better with Whisenhunt than they did without him. In June, Zachariason took it to the next level by making the case for Locker as a QB1 in 2014. He highlighted Locker’s rushing prowess, surprisingly strong Passing Net Expected Points (NEP) numbers, and supporting cast. Our very own Justin Winn issued something of a rebuttal a week later, calling Locker a “value trap.” Winn argued that J-Lock’s numbers in both college and the NFL have been inconsistent, at best. Moreover, he addressed Locker’s biggest flaw: He gets hurt. A lot. I’d like to bridge the gap a bit between these two viewpoints. My point is straightforward: Coach Whiz’s offensive approach may be well-suited not only to improve Locker’s numbers, but also to keep him healthy.

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By Vaughn Stewart | @VaughnMStewart | Archive

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