Colin Kaepernick Got Paid, But What About Michael Crabtree and Vernon Davis?

colinkaepernickLast month, Colin Kaepernick got big money. This has left Michael Crabtree and Vernon Davis saying, “No Whammy!” I can neither confirm or deny that there is a running bet amongst RotoViz writers to see who can slip the most outdated game show reference into an article. Really though, it was a very team-friendly deal. Friendly or not, it’s still worth $19 million per year. That’s going to affect the team’s ability to pay their other players. Davis is staging a holdout in an effort to get a new contract, and Crabtree is in a contract year. The team can find a way to pay all three. But will they want to? The million dollar question: Do fantasy owners want them to?

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By Justin Winn | @TheHumanHuman | Archive

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