Russell Wilson is the Next Tom Brady, or at Least the Next Ben Roethlisberger

russellwilson You probably appreciate that Russell Wilson is under-appreciated by most. Frequently billed as a game manager, most assign little of the Seahawks’ success to Wilson. Even many of those who credit Wilson as the key to the team’s success are referring to his paycheck and not his play on the field. So why am I comparing him to two “elite” NFL quarterbacks in Tom Brady and Ben Roethlisberger, both of whom will likely end up in the Hall of Fame? Admittedly, I’m not crazy about these kinds of comparisons. Trent Richardson was frequently cited as the best RB since Adrian Peterson, but that doesn’t tell you if scouts expected him to be fifty percent or ninety percent of Peterson. So I’m not really saying Wilson’s skill or production will necessarily be equal to these guys. I actually think he will be better.

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By Justin Winn | @TheHumanHuman | Archive