Jimmy Graham is the Queen On Your Redraft Chess Board

Image via FootballSchedule/Flickr

Image via FootballSchedule/Flickr

[Editor’s note: Credit for calling Jimmy Graham the queen on the chess board may go to Sigmund Bloom. We’ve heard Bloom call Graham the queen, although various other internet pages also call the new TEs the queens on the chess board. In any case, we’re self taught hacks and not etymologists here, so figuring out who deserves credit is probably above our pay grade.] In chess the queen is the most powerful piece on the board, having unlimited movement in any of the eight directions. The versatility in which she operates gives her the potential to attack in a multitude of ways. Drafting Jimmy Graham can give an owner a similar benefit to playing a chess match with a queen advantage. The question in many drafts, however, is where to draft him. Graham is a unique talent because of his scoring potential from a position that is often overlooked. Much like a queen’s movement diversity in chess, Graham’s value to owners who draft him extends beyond simply scoring points. Drafting him can offer owners advantages in the draft and during the season that are unmatched by any other player in fantasy football.

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By Scott Smith | @ScottSmith610 | Archive