Iron Flags: David Wilson Is Back … So What?

davidwilson David Wilson is back on the field. Medically cleared, the former first-rounder is a running back we can’t ignore entirely. You know the drill here: Wilson’s pedigree precedes his small-sampling of miserable NFL play. Maybe he carves out a role in a crowded Giants backfield, maybe he’s Jahvid Best without the proven ability to perform when healthy and a nasty fumble problem. But just maybe, he has the speed to emerge as a PPR backfield anchor that changes everything in your league. The Rotoviz family had a backyard barbecue and discussed all things New York Giants backfield. We’re waging our reputations and planting flags on what you can expect from a triumvirate of glass-half-full backs.

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By Ramon Ramirez | @athousandgrams | Archive