Zero RB Antifragility, Early Round QBs, and Wedding Vows



Our Baby’s All Grown Up

When my wife and I decided to take the plunge1 we felt much pressure to have a big wedding the “right” way, and endlessly cry while paying off a ridiculous amount of debt incurred along the way. We had money saved up but not enough to pay for the wedding and a down payment on a house.  All of our friends were having large weddings, and it seemed like the thing to do. Naturally we did the opposite and used the money to get our first home and start a family. In came the kiddos, and my wife and I have long said goodbye to sanity. In a way we zigged when everyone else was zagging and made the equitable decision. This was equitable in a monetary sense only; we now have a ridiculously loud and action packed family consisting of clamoring, dirty underwear, public streaking, and more clamoring.  Who said there isn’t life coaching hidden in fantasy football?  We make equitable decisions every day in both reality and fantasy.
  1. I mean cherish each other forever, of course  (back)

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