The Composite Dynasty WR Rankings

joshgordon The RotoViz Composite Dynasty WR rankings look about how you would expect them to look. You have to go to WR13 before you find a player under 200 pounds. That might seem out of sync with reality, considering that Antonio Brown just finished as a top 5 PPR receiver. Except that it’s not out of sync with reality. What’s out of sync with reality is that we have to keep having the same discussion about player size in a game where nobody disagrees that it helps to be big. And so it is that the RotoViz rankings seem out of touch with reality on some level even though our whole point in everything we do is to try to figure out how we can predict reality. It’s not just that larger receivers make up most of the list of top 10 receivers, it’s that they also have a better chance of repeating that feat on a year to year basis. Players like Mike Wallace and DeSean Jackson will float in and out of the top 10 because their results are boom/bust, while players like Andre Johnson will show up in the list most years. Adopting a probabilistic outlook just means that you don’t mind painting with an overly broad brush because in the long run your goal is to reduce the total number of times you’re wrong and maximize the total number of times you’re right. Being prejudiced against small receivers also doesn’t mean that you can’t draft them when they’re cheap and volatility is on your side. Without further ado, here are the Composite Dynasty WR Rankings.

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By RotoViz Staff | @rotoviz | Archive