The Composite Dynasty RB Rankings

eddielacy Owning running backs in a dynasty league is a little bit like having an expensive car that doesn’t start every morning and is only going to get to 25,000 miles before it’s been in enough accidents to not drive straight anymore. And yet that piece of information is extremely actionable on its own. There’s no point in complaining about it, all we can do is try to figure out how to benefit from it. This is probably a tough year to pursue Shawn Siegele’s now infamous RB Zero approach (because it’s becoming so popular) but if there’s any format for that strategy it’s a PPR dynasty league. RB Zero sort of invokes the line from Fight Club “On a long enough timeline, the survival rate for everyone drops to zero.” In a re-draft league, while chaos has its role, you could wait all season for the straw to break a lead RB’s back so your guy can get a chance. In a dynasty league it’s just a matter of when, not if. The ideas that underlie my short intro to these rankings are evident in the actual rankings, where historical memory is nowhere to be found. You can peruse the top 10 and come up with just a few names that have any history of consistent production. Some part of that is dictated by the aging of the 2008 draft class, while some other part of it is inherent in the running back position. But again, the lack of dependability at the position is its own intel. Figuring out how to make that work for you means being able to identify the free to acquire backs that will benefit from fragility. Without further comment I will give you our staff RB rankings for dynasty leagues.

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By RotoViz Staff | @rotoviz | Archive