Running Backs and Draftable Profiles: A Thought Exercise

bentate I want to start this article off by saying, “FFToolbox, Ima let you finish  but Shawn Siegele is one of the best fantasy football players of all time.” Ok, so what I’m going to do is look at the top 60 backs according to ADP among RBs on FFCalculator, look at how they fit into the three draftable RB profiles and see if we learn anything. I realize that Frank Gore’s agility score a decade ago doesn’t tell us anything about what he’ll do in 2014, that’s not the point of the exercise. I also realize there is survivor bias in only looking at backs being drafted in 2014, that is also not the point of the exercise. I really believe the three draftable profiles are the foundation of any running back evaluation.

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By Max Mulitz | @maxmulitz | Archive