Dynasty Daydreaming: Five Fringe Fantasy Sleepers

posey Fringe was a terrible television show. My wife and I have separate DVR’s because she has awful taste when it comes to television, but sometimes I’m forced to catch her latest guilty pleasure. She was pretty in to Fringe, coincidentally at the same time I was pretty in to whiskey and sleeping pills. I’m not here to debate the merits of the show as I was never committed to it enough to really grasp its lore, but I just wanted to mention that my wife likes bad television. Fringe is also synonymous with the RotoViz family because we generally don’t operate within the limits our game has set up. We may just be hoopleheads and loons, I’m not really sure anymore. The fringe of dynasty rosters is also where you place your Rip Van Winkle types into a safety deposit box just in case one day they flourish. Here’ are five fringe roster adds that your league may find irrelevant today, that could be worth a look with your Mr. Irrelevant roster spot.

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By Rich Hribar | @lordreebs | Archive

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