Dynasty Arbitrage: Are We Sleeping on Bryce Brown?

brycebrown In 2013 Bryce Brown was a trendy Running Back sleeper in both dynasty and redraft leagues. In redraft his August ADP was 112 overall, which RotoViz contributors thought was a great value and a very high upside play. In dynasty his ADP was RB35, a price that Bryan Fontaine believed made him undervalued. So basically, drafters of all kinds were pretty high on Brown last year, with smart writers concluding that he was still a bargain. This year?… not so much.  After a disappointing year in which he scored fewer PPR fantasy points than Brian Leonard,1 the Bryce Brown hype train has come to a screeching halt.
  1. Quick trivia question: who did Brian Leonard play for last year?  If you guessed Tampa Bay… you’re right! (and so is anyone who accuses you of watching too much football).  (back)

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By Patrick Kerrane | @PatKerrane | Archive

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