Don’t Stop Believin’; Torrey Smith Will Be a WR1 in 2014

smitht It’s clockwork. At every bar and every wedding, when there’s roughly 30 minutes left in the evening, the DJ spins Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin’.” We know its coming, and we’ve been beaten down by the ballad to the point of nausea over time, but it’s nearly impossible to resist crooning the chorus or that opening keyboard riff while inebriated. It’s also clockwork that we’re going to pen an article suggesting that this is the season that Torrey Smith is going to breakout and be a fantasy dynamo. Last year’s model suggesting that Smith was a strong buy was done by Bryan Fontaine. Since he is currently taking a fantasy football analyst visit to Joshua Tree, I’ve decided to pick up the torch this summer. The reason I’m obligated to take on this task is that I’m abnormally high on Smith coming into 2014. Papa RotoViz has already labeled Smith as undervalued and  a player to target in the middle rounds of drafts, but he and the staff have him ranked at No. 24 overall for this season with Shawn Seigele the highest on him at 19. I don’t do redraft rankings in house because I’m obligated to do them for another affiliation, but I’m the only one in the entire industry who currently has Smith labeled as a WR1 this season. Maybe I’m still at the bar operating half mast, but I’m going to explain why, when it comes to Smith being a fantasy WR1, you don’t stop believin’.

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By Rich Hribar | @lordreebs | Archive