Two Reasons Kelvin Benjamin is a steal for Fantasy Football 2014


The way I feel about Kelvin Benjamin is the way I feel about choosing what to do for dinner on most nights. I could do the delicious thing and go get Chipotle. I could do the lazy thing and order a pizza. Or I could stay at home and grill one of those chicken breasts that’s been sitting in my fridge all week before it goes bad. Granted, I’m not particularly excited about the chicken (and steamed brocolli) but it’s a solid option that I know is pretty good for me in the long run. Kelvin Benjamin falls into this same not particularly excited about it, but probably a pretty good option category. He has been a contentious topic for the RotoViz crew during draft season. For starters, he accounted for only 23% of Florida State’s passing yards last year, whereas most premium prospects will easily surpass 30%. For a guy who is supposedly an elite offensive weapon, why didn’t the National Championship-winning coach or Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback insist on getting him the ball more? Puzzling. Then there’s the issue of his age, which we know is an important variable in predicting prospect success. Benjamin turned 23 shortly after the 2013 college season, which makes him older than third-year pros like Rueben Randle, Stephen Hill and Josh Gordon. Finally, there’s his physical profile and athleticism, which is supposed to be his greatest asset, but pales in comparison to a guy like Mike Evans. Despite all of these doubts about Kelvin Benjamin, I think there are two reasons Kelvin Benjamin is a steal for fantasy football 2014.

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By Jon Moore | @HelloJonMoore | Archive

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