Trent Richardson, Avoiding Tackles, and Yards After Contact

With a weight of 225 and a Pro Day 40 time of 4.49, Trent Richardson’s speed score of 113 puts him firmly in Shawn Siegele’s Profile 1 of the three draftable RB profiles, as an elite early down and goal line back. The other good news for Trent is that he has 86 receptions in his first two seasons in the league and has averaged a decent 7.9 yards per catch. On paper, Trent Richardson looks like a three-down back who should be a monster around the goal line. Add that to the fact that he was a top-five pick in an era where RBs are being devalued and you would expect to have the fantasy MVP sitting in your lap. There’s only one problem. Over his first 455 carries in the NFL he’s averaging 3.3 yards per carry. His “Vision Yards” per attempt so far are around 1.4, which isn’t great, but as Shawn has shown, type 1 backs generally struggle with vision yards and 1.4 certainly isn’t a death knell. The real problem for Trent is that he has been atrocious at creating yards after contact.

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By Max Mulitz | @maxmulitz | Archive