The RotoViz Guide to Deep Receivers from the 2014 NFL Draft

image credit to 247sports

image credit to 247sports

My first big article of the 2014 offseason looked at the very different profiles for wide receivers who become capable starters in the NFL and those who wash out. I expected there to be differences in weight, age, and collegiate market share (Dominator Rating) between the hits and the misses but I honestly thought the gaps would be smaller. The piece is mostly useful for its portrayal of this interplay in Rounds 1 through 3, but we shouldn’t ignore what it might tell us about late round picks. Televised NFL Draft coverage bombards us with examples of late round steals and for good reason. The idea that late rounders can make an impact is both good theater and great human interest. That most late rounders fail only enhances the romantic aspect of the success stories. Strategically, however, we want to make sure we’re approaching rookie drafts the right way.

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By Shawn Siegele | @ff_contrarian | Archive