Slow Your Roll: Rookie RB Edition

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday I provided a brief overview of the rookie TE landing spots. Today we turn to running backs.To start, check out the 2014 pre-draft composite rookie RB rankings. You can also find all of our RB related content here. Running back is both more difficult, and easier to project than the other skill positions. It’s difficult because teams employ different running backs for different purposes, and the injury prone nature of the position results in a lot of turmoil. It’s easier because the primary factor is opportunity to play; in a good situation, most running backs can be fantasy relevant. What follows is just my immediate post draft reactions. I encourage you to respond in the comments if you have disagreements. 1 If you want to generate some projections for any of these backs, head over to the Prospect Lab or the RB Simulator. Let’s get to it.
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