Opportunity Knocks for You Jordan Matthews


via Eagles’ Chip Kelly likes Jordan Matthews as inside receiver –

Jordan Matthews will start his pro career playing an inside receiver position with the Philadelphia Eagles, coach Chip Kelly said. Whether he actually develops into a starter at the position remains to be seen, but Kelly spoke of Matthews’ inside role in the same breath with starters Jeremy Maclin and Riley Cooper.

Rumford Johnny opined on Twitter some time ago that Matthews made sense as a Colston-esque oversized slot receiver. It looks like Chip Kelly must be reading Johnny’s twitter feed based on this report.

Our post-draft rookie ranks will be hitting the site in the morning, but I think this news is a good time to stop and ask whether Jordan Matthews might have the absolute best situation of any rookie receiver.

  1. It sounds like the starting job is his to lose, which probably puts him equal to or ahead of the other non-Watkins/Evans rookies.
  2. He’s not likely to ever get the opposing team’s top corner
  3. He might already be the best receiver on his team. Jeremy Maclin is small and coming back from ACL injury. Riley Cooper seems like he benefited from circumstance. Cooper is a former 5th round pick that had put in three years of sub-300 yard receiving seasons.
  4. Matthews is likely to go into a fast paced high scoring offense right away. The Buffalo and TB offenses are more question marks. They’re worth looking at in detail, but we know what we’ll get from PHI.

How much is a 6-3 dude, with a sub 4.5 forty, that plays in a fast paced offense worth?

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