Ladarius Green Is The Coolest Kid In School, But I’ll Stick With The Nerds

antoniogates Ladarius Green is getting a lot of hype heading into the 2014 season, and he deserves every last bit of it. He has an absurdly high Phenom Index score. In fact, he has the second highest PI score for a TE since 2006. If you play around with the AYA App you’ll see that Philip Rivers has an adjusted yards per attempt of 14.91 when targeting Green. Last year, Rivers’ AYA when targeting Green was 15.03 on 29 targets. If you take a look at Green using the College Career Graphs App, you might notice that he posted a dominator rating1 of 0.42 in his junior year, which would be great for a WR, but is absurdly good for a TE. We have probably dedicated as many words on RotoViz to Green as we have to any other player. What I’m getting at is that Ladarius Green is a bad, bad man. Don’t let him get you into trouble.
  1. DR: Average of market share of yards and market share of TDs.  (back)

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By Justin Winn | @TheHumanHuman | Archive

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