Derek Carr, Brady Quinn, and Why Alex Smith Just Asked for More Money

Derek Carr This is a completely unfair and probably irrelevant observation, but I feel pretty strongly that the D. Carr with the most talent and experience won’t cost you a draft pick and is available for the veteran minimum. It also feels like @kgotsick probably has a column breaking down the relative merits. The elder Carr generates interest even in those fleeting sideline shots, usually peeking over Eli’s shoulder as the Giants staff tries to decipher what happened on yet another interception.1
Year Att Comp Comp % Yards Y/A AYA TD INT Rating
David 2001 344 533 64.5 4839 9.1 10 46 9 165.9
Derek 2013 454 659 68.9 5083 7.7 8.7 50 8 156.3
Anyway, that analysis is only marginally better than this analysis. carr II But it’s still surprising the family history story line isn’t getting more play. Or even the “Fresno State quarterbacks don’t make good NFL quarterbacks” narrative. In fact, I’m mostly interested in these anti-Carr narratives in the first place because I’m paranoid something disastrous is about to befall my beloved Chiefs.

  1. You know David is thinking, “Coach, what Eli did there was throw the ball directly to the other team,” but he keeps his expression studiously blank. He knows he’s on television and hundreds of thousands of women aren’t going to breathe again until the camera cuts away.  (back)

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By Shawn Siegele | @ff_contrarian | Archive