This Week in Blasphemy: Comparing Sammy Watkins and Jordan Matthews Versus Common Opponents

Image via Parker Anderson/Flickr

Image via Parker Anderson/Flickr

What if Sammy Watkins isn’t the best receiver in the 2014 NFL Draft? I know that goes against everything you’ve been reading and everything that ESPN has been saying, but let’s just pretend that it’s a possibility.  Hypothetically, if Sammy Watkins isn’t the best receiver in this class, then who is?  One might make a case for Allen Robinson, which I could see.  Probably the most likely contender for the throne is  Mike Evans, which would be totally understandable.  The other guy in the picture would likely be Vanderbilt WR Jordan Matthews.  However, when we compare apples to apples, Matthews was far more productive than Evans.  If Matthews’ performed better than the consensus #2 option (Evans), maybe it would be fun to compare Matthews against the consensus #1 option, Sammy Watkins.  This ought to be fun…

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By Jon Moore | @HelloJonMoore | Archive

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