Shane Vereen, Alfred Morris and RB Game Flow

vereen Late last week, we broke down 2013 wide receiver results in terms of targets and their market shares with a situation sensitive slant and how that data could be incorporated into use alongside the WR Sim Score App. Today, we’re going to shift our focus over to the running back position, but with a slightly different twist. If you haven’t gotten familiar with the RB Sim Score App yet, now’s your chance to have some fun with it. Only three backs (Jamaal Charles, Danny Woodhead and Matt Forte) had a target market share of over 15 percent in neutral game flow situations in 2013. So instead of using target market shares, which have little change outside of the limited top tier of pass catching backs, we’re just going to use overall target data and the effect that game flow had on a players’ usage in his offense. Plus, since backs get to tote the rock, we’re going to look at the same effect that game situations had on their rushing attempts.

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By Rich Hribar | @lordreebs | Archive

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