Rushing to the Fantasy Football Finish Line – A 2014 Team-by-Team Series


Do we have an Appointment?

One of the most arduous endeavors every off-season in the wonderfully wide world of fantasy football is predicting the success of running backs year-over-year.  We all know who the studs are – at least we think we do.  Well, we sure thought we did, didn’t we?  We know all too well what the turnover of top-flight running backs looks like from one year to the next.  With the exception of a few household names, the predictability of running backs is predictably unpredictable. It’s kind of like trying to predict the specific point in time the cable guy will arrive within a 4 hour window the company assigns you for a “scheduled appointment.” There have been times for me when he either came an hour early and left when I wasn’t home, or simply didn’t show up at all.
“…You know how to *take* the reservation, you just don’t know how to *hold* the reservation.  That’s really the most important part of the reservation – the holding.” ~Jerry Seinfeld

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