Dynasty Fantasy Football: 2014 Rookie Mock Draft 2.0

image via wikimedia commons

image via wikimedia commons

If the key to winning at dynasty fantasy football is to buy low and sell high, then isn’t it critically important to understand what low value or high value looks like for any given player at any given time?  This is why we do mock drafts: to gather numerical information about how the perception of a player is changing.  We can then use that changing perception to say “people are undervaluing/overvaluing him” and develop a plan for buying those players when their value is lower. Two months ago we published a pre-combine rookie mock draft which established a baseline for player values.  At the time, all we knew about players came from on-field production and/or watching footage of them.  Since then we have learned about their physical attributes at the 2014 NFL Combine and various pro days.  As you will see below, these data points have dramatically changed the opinion on some players.  How much of that change is warranted is for you to decide.  So, without further adieu, here are the results of the 2014 pre-draft rookie mock.

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By Jon Moore | @HelloJonMoore | Archive