The WR Prospect Sweet Sixteen: (8) Davante Adams vs. (9) Jordan Matthews


In the spirit of March Madness, the RotoViz  staff is running its own tournament consisting of the top 16 rookie WR prospects. Each writer gets one vote for the prospect they would choose in a heads up match-up. The player with the most votes moves on to the next round. RotoViz readers will also get insight and justification from each writer as to why they made their selection. Click here if you missed our first match-up or if you want more insight as to how the brackets were formed.

(8) Davante Adams vs. (9) Jordan Matthews

In what is sure to be the toughest battle of the first round, the RotoViz staff has its hands full with two of our favorite prospects coming into the draft. Matthews has been a DR All-Star against the toughest conference in college football, while Adams is coming off a historically great season of production. As you can see from the HeatMap below, this won’t be an easy decision.  Let’s see how this match-up plays out.

Adams vs. Matthews




For me this pretty much comes down to the fact that I think Adams will be drafted earlier than Matthews. Also, if Adams can sneak into that late first round he’ll be going to a fairly good team. But I like Matthews a lot and I think that one thing people will underrate about him is the work ethic required to put up the kind of production that he did at Vanderbilt. Even if Matthews didn’t do the kind of things that people expect out of pro receivers, he saw such high usage against generally good defenses that I have a tough time thinking that he couldn’t learn whatever he needs to in order to be successful in the NFL. That’s perhaps an underrated component of the Market Share outlook. Players that excel in Market Share come out of college accustomed to rolling up their sleeves and getting to work.


Cruel, cruel fate (or Scott Smith) created a battle to the death with this 8/9 seed. Adams and Matthews are my 2 top prospects at the WR position at the moment, but I can’t go away from my boy Jordan Matthews. I suspect the rest of the RV crew will take Adams here, but Matthews’ combination of physical measurables and dominant college career in the toughest conference in college football make him the pick for me here.


This is the epitome of what an eight versus nine battle should be. Adams is coming off one of the best two year stretches in college production, catching 233 passes and scoring 38 times at ages 20 and 21. All Matthews did was post back to back 1,300 plus yard, seven score seasons in the best conference in the NCAA with bunk quarterback play. I believe Matthews is the safest bet in this draft in terms of having a consistent career even if he never scores a ton, but I’ll go with Adams because he is elite at scoring touchdowns.


This one is going to come down to draft position. If both guys go in the second round I’d give Matthews the slightest edge, but since it looks like Adams has a shot to go in the late first while Matthews doesn’t, I’m going Adams. You can never go wrong with consistent TD production because that’s something teams could always use. Adams is also half a year younger than Matthews.


Davante. Read Rouillard. I think these 2 guys have similar values, but Davante should be cheaper, which means he’s more valuable.


This is an interesting match-up, and a job well done by the selection committee. The winner of this match-up has the ability to give a scare to the winner of the match-up this winner will face (Sammy Watkins). In any event, this particular match-up is a decision of safe and sound vs. high upside and situation. Regardless of where he’s drafted, Matthews is sure to land with a team and get an opportunity to produce on day 1, as his resume proves that he’s ready to step in and perform right away at the next level. While Adams may warrant a higher pick, something tells me the NFL is going to give more credence to Matthews’ work ethic than we are. Adams isn’t as tall and fast as Matthews, but his resume shows he too is ready to compete at the next level. He’s also appears to be more explosive than Matthews. If I’m picking for re-draft, I’m taking Matthews. For dynasty, I’m taking Adams as he’s going to cost less and be a better value down the road. I’m a long-term kind of guy — give me Adams.


Both guys are foundational players in the RotoViz Reach portfolio. I like Adams quite a bit but this might be an Occam’s Razor situation. I’ll take the receiver with the better Dominator Rating and Height-adjusted Speed Score.


Brutal matchup for Matthews here, as Davante Adams is one of the only guys I’d take over him. They’re similar receivers between the 20s, but for me it comes down to Adams’ superior red zone production. They both have the size and speed you want in your #1 receiver, but if you want to be the guy you have to get in the end zone.


I am very torn as one could expect in an 8 vs 9 match-up. Either one of these guys could easily be in the Final Four. Matthews posted huge DR against SEC competition while Adams put up historical numbers this past season. Ideally I would love to know who is throwing the ball to each but I don’t, so it’s a toss-up just as you would expect in a 8 vs 9 matchup. In the long run I think both guys put up similar numbers over their careers, but I want monster games so I am going with Adams and his TD superiority.

Final Verdict

In a heated back and forth contest. Davante Adams pulls out the victory and will advance to the next round. In the end, the RotoViz staff is high on both players. As Fantasy Douche pointed out, there are no stats to factor in work ethic and that will definitely play a part in the development of Matthews at the pro level. Adams, ultimately, is the player with the higher ceiling because of his touchdown prowess, and I think that is what ultimately carried him to victory in this match-up. Come draft time, these two players may very well be who many of us will be deciding between while we are on the clock. Luckily RotoViz has you covered.

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