The WR Prospect Sweet Sixteen: (4) Odell Beckham vs (13) Martavis Bryant



(4) Odell Beckham vs. (13) Martavis Bryant

Our 4 vs. 13 match-up brings us two players that have factions of support among different crowds. Some people love Beckham in the mold of Steve Smith. His combine performance solidified his status within the first round for much of the draft community. Martavis Bryant was overshadowed by his teammate Sammy Watkins while at Clemson. Many people point to his 6’5″ frame and say he was misused while there and love his physical potential. Let’s see how this matchup unfolds.


I’m really interested to see how my fellow RVer’s go on this one. Bryant doesn’t really have the production profile (.18 DR) but I don’t see much that intriques me about Beckham; and perhaps I’m just biased because those who are fans of Beckham say things like ʺMan, ODB is going to get a lot of 1st downs in the NFLʺ which is one of the oddest things any human could ever get excited about, from my perspective. There is also the stat that only 2 of ODB’s 26 career TD’s game in an SEC game. That… that is just horrendous. Bryant is raw, in a Stephen Hill type of way, and when there is a 6’5 guy who ran a 4.42, chances are his upside is tremendous compared to the 6′ kid who ran a 4.43.



OBJ will be drafted before Bryant, has him beat on age and games dominated and that’s about as far as I’m taking this analysis. Could Bryant be a great NFL receiver? He has the size. But there are like 5 height/speed freaks that come into the league every year, so it’s not like he’s rare on that count.



Very ʺmehʺ matchup. I have seven receivers ranked ahead of ODB, but many more ahead of Martavis Bryant. Bryant fits a certain bust archetype – he has almost no college production to speak of but he’s moving up draft boards due to his size and speed. Consider that Bryant had 98 targets his entire career, while Beckham saw 90 in his final season. The point here is the same as it is everywhere else: if he couldn’t use his size and speed to dominate the ACC, why should we think he’ll use it to do any better in the NFL? He’s also a year older than Beckham. So, while Bryant’s best case scenario is better than Beckham’s, I’d rather take Beckham and the significantly larger chance that he’ll live up to his potential in the NFL.



As much as I like bigger receivers, I hate big receivers who don’t play big. At 6’5”, Bryant is more reliant on splash plays than red zone production, scoring seven of only 13 career touchdowns from over 30 yards out. He has the requisite speed and workout credentials, but not the production to match. I see him as a poor man’s Justin Hunter. I don’t see ODB as a fantasy force, either. He beat up on paper champions while disappearing in conference play. But he’s going to be a top 20 pick, contribute in the return game and has as much big play ability as Bryant.



Bryant is getting a ton of hype after he exploded at the combine, but he never really proved anything on the field even though he’s fairly old. I think ODB is pretty overrated, but at least he’s young, and had decent college production in a power conference. I won’t end up with any shares of these guys, but I’ll take ODB if I have to choose.



This is a great matchup — because both of these guys are so overrated. Despite his athleticism, Beckham did almost nothing against any team of note. And yet, with his athleticism, Bryant did almost nothing against any team at all. Beckham will probably be drafted higher. He’s the lesser of two evils.



As an LSU alum I choose to abstain from this matchup. 2 of 26 tds against the SEC is atrocious. ODB came up small when it counted the most and somehow that hasn’t hurt his reputation. Overrated is an understatement. All that and it’s still more than I can say for Bryant. I would rather trade the two picks it would cost to draft these two for Stedman Bailey and Da’Rick Rogers.



Beckham wins this battle by virtue of producing inflated numbers outside of his conference. Bryant has the size and athleticism to succeed, but no past history to that makes you think he will. Beckham could very well turn out to be an excellent slot WR at the next level, but you would have like to have seen better production against SEC opponents.

Do you like either of these players? Can Beckham turn into Steve Smith at the next level? Let us know in the comments section below. Two more match-ups to close out our first round.



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