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Mini Me

With the Super Bowl now behind us, registration for the various MFL10s is now officially underway. This is exciting to me, because this past season, I entered 26 MFL10s and won or placed in 50% of them.  Underwhelmed? I don’t blame you. As the FD himself told me on a RotoViz email chain, “You’re like a little mini insignificant Shawn Siegele.” (For the uninitiated, Shawn Siegele is the best fantasy football player in the world, so this is high praise indeed.) So while I didn’t win anything close to the $250,000 that Shawn now bathes in, Scrooge McDuck style, I did employ a moderately successful strategy, which I’ll share below, for those of you for whom this whets your whistle. [Editor’s Note: 50% is very impressive.] Quick note before we get started: it appears that the format is changing for the upcoming year with the addition of two additional roster spaces, and in the interests of full disclosure, keep in mind that I haven’t given much (ok, any) thought as to how this will impact my strategy for the upcoming season.

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By Aaron Messing | @amess | Archive