Four Ways to Master Your Dynasty League – Using Call Options to Buy Low and Sell High

I was going to write a long, flowy intro to this series that explained the underpinnings of RotoViz and captured the essence of our value-add.  But then I realized that it already existed on the site.  The article was written back in May of 2013 by @FantasyDouche and I still love the title: “What’s the Expected Value of Our Crazy-Ass RotoViz Ideas?”  I want to dust off this particular article because it’s incredibly important to help frame what it is we’re doing when we write about lottery tickets like Dwight Jones, sleepers like Chris Boyd, super-sleepers like Charles Johnson, or any of the 30 wide receivers no one is talking about (who could be the next Miles Austin).  I urge you to read that Crazy-Ass piece because it is the perfect foreword to this series, and more generally because it’s an invaluable roadmap to getting the most out of your RotoViz subscription.

In that same spirit of maximizing your expected value, my series serves three purposes:
  1. Making you a better dynasty GM by helping you understand how dynasty players are priced and why those prices change.

  2. Giving you a framework through which to apply our crazy-ass RotoViz ideas in your dynasty leagues.

  3. Giving you some dynasty buy low and sell high targets based upon the framework.

I’ll achieve both of those things by drawing parallels between dynasty and financial markets – specifically call options.  Without mincing any more words, here are the four reasons thinking about dynasty fantasy football as an options market will make you a dominant dynasty GM:

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By Ryan Rouillard | @ryanrouillard | Archive

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