Four 2014 RB Agility Stars Who Will Be Available At Big Discounts This Summer

Henry Josey The NFL Draft is the single biggest reason fantasy football leagues are easy to win on a yearly basis. The running back and receiver positions follow very clear templates for transitioning from college to the NFL and finding success, but the league drafts them as if this is not the case. A couple of weeks I ago I profiled five receiving prospects whose collegiate production is vastly underrated. This past weekend, I introduced RB Profile No. 1: The Workhorse and suggested you target a potential star player who would seem to be obvious but is nonetheless generating minimal buzz. Yesterday, I introduced RB Profile No. 2: The 3-Down PPR Star and suggested the much-maligned 2014 class might hold the best running back prospect since Jamaal Charles.

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By Shawn Siegele | @ff_contrarian | Archive