2014 NFL Mock Draft – The RotoViz Version

mikeevans As I outlined in How NFL Draft Analysis Can Supercharge Your Fantasy Squad, the twin barriers between fantasy and reality football and fantasy and reality draft coverage are largely imaginary. Draft position is a crucial part of any fantasy projection system. The 2014 rookies are already having a big impact. MFL10s are ongoing, and player news plays a big role in the psychology. Dynasty leagues can be won or lost with a single savvy trade that anticipates a big move in player value. In order to benefit from such wild fluctuations, you need to start creating a framework for where these much-hyped prospects might fall. In this mock, I’ve focused most heavily on the fantasy positions. All positions are included in the first round, and then I projected “skill” selections only for Rounds 2 and 3. In order to fill the team needs, I’ve put the PFF individual grades for all 32 teams under the microscope. Time permitting, a more detailed – or longer-winded – mock will eventually find its way onto Money in the Banana Stand. To bolster your knowledge about unfamiliar squads, I also recommend Evan Silva’s excellent and exhaustive Team Needs and Roster Rankings column from earlier in the month. Will many of these projections change as teams address holes in free agency? Certainly. And that’s part of the fun. Also, please don’t hesitate to share your discontent in the comments section. While the vast majority of these picks will end up being wrong on draft day, that’s still no excuse for a projection that’s simply silly on its face.

Round 1

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By Shawn Siegele | @ff_contrarian | Archive