Brandin Cooks, Odell Beckham, and The Importance of 40 Times for Small Receivers

pac-12.com The profiles below have been updated post-combine for all five receivers featured in this article. Last week, Ryan Rouillard wrote a great piece on digesting the NFL Combine. He even explained where your rooting interests should lie. I think it’s almost impossible to watch the event and not hope each successive prospect runs faster than the last. This year it should be fun to follow one group in particular: the small wide receivers. In my recent WR Holy Grail¬†article, I took a look at the receivers in our database from 2006 to the present and identified 136 who appear to have established themselves as clear hits or misses. Of those players, 26 are receivers who weighed-in below 200 pounds and were drafted in the first three rounds. 17 of those players were busts, which helps to underline just how important weight can be. But just as we saw when we looked at the entire sample, there are very different profiles for the hits versus the misses.

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By Shawn Siegele | @ff_contrarian | Archive